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Some of Our Amazing Speakers:

Makenzie Marzluff

Makenzie Marzluff is the Founder of DELIGHTED BY Desserts, as well as her 501c3 non-profit KAKAO Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate. Makenzie's dream is to see all businesses operated 100% from the heart. She merges spirituality with grounded leadership and is interested in leaving a legacy of love on this planet for future generations.

Makenzie went from starting her companies on credit cards in 2015 and living in a van, to running a multi-million dollar business within 2 years. DELIGHTED BY was coined the fasting growing hummus company in America and has been featured in hundreds of media outlets including ABC'S Shark Tank, LIVE With Kelly, Cosmopolitan & Women's Health. Makenzie now leads her virtual team of 10 in a completely unconventional way. You can find DELIGHTED BY's products in 5000 grocery stores across the country, and KAKAO’s products online through on-shore distribution centers in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and all of Europe.

Through her present work as CEO of her growing companies, Delighted By and KAKAO, Makenzie is redefining what ‘conscious enterprise’ means, for in her opinion it is much more than a triple bottom line. Makenzie’s vision is to see new foundations of business all across the globe that are rooted in love, as opposed to fear. Her book, How To Lead A Badass Business From Your Heart, is available now across international online outlets including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Indiebound.

Lucia Capacchione, PhD, ATR, REAT

Dr. Capacchione is an Art Therapist and Bestselling Author of 23 books, including Recovery of Your Inner Child, The Creative Journal, and The Power of Your Other Hand.

Dr. Capacchione was an early leader in Inner Child Work. She pioneered the fields of Expressive Arts Therapy and Journal Therapy, and originated The Creative Journal Method (1976), Inner Child Reparenting Method (1976), Whole-Brain Two-Handed Method (1976), Body-Mind Healing-Arts Method (1980), and the Visioning® Process (1994).  

Recognized for her discovery of the healing power drawing and writing with the nondominant hand, Dr. Capacchione’s methods have been applied in school systems (K-12), recovery centers, programs for active military and veterans, in therapy, business and industry, career and life coaching, and spiritual counseling. Her draw-it-yourself coloring books, Drawing Your Stress Away and Hello, This is Your Body Talking, have been used in cancer support groups and programs for stress reduction and trauma treatment. She has a private practice and is currently director of the Creative Journal Expressive Arts Certification Training for Professionals.

Dara Goldberg, Ph.D.

Dara Goldberg, Ph.D. is an author and clinical psychologist who helps women (gender-expansive welcomed) live in their true light.  Her book Awaken Your Inner Goddess: Practical Tools for Self-Care, Emotional Healing, and Self-Realization offers readers a guide for self-reflection and emotional healing to step into their power, and awaken the Goddess within.

With tools, strategies, community and inspiration, her goal is to help respectful individuals live true to their purpose. She believes each person that heals and lives in their highest good can help make the world a better place just by virtue of living in it.

Through dream work, guided meditation, and psychology, she helps others process their journey through a spiritual and intuitive lens.

Abigail Rose Clarke

Abigail Rose Clarke uses the body to dismantle oppressive systems.

Utilizing strategic, somatic methods, her work creates lasting change in our personal and professional lives, rippling out from individual to systemic change. By helping people truly inhabit their own skin and blood and guts and bones she offers a way to re-enter into true relationship with the world.  

As the developer of The Embodied Life Method™, Abigail teaches embodiment as a practice and a responsibility. As the world changes so dramatically we are tasked with the enormous responsibility of remaining present to the world as it is, which requires we remain present to ourselves as we are. From here, the way forward becomes possible.

Her work is enormously influenced by her study and practice of Embodyoga® of which she is a senior teacher, as well as her background in kinesiology.

Amanda Dobra Hope

Amanda Dobra Hope is a vision-holder, evolutionary teacher, author, speaker, and holistic life coach.  She assists her clients and participants by holding the space for them to find their authentic self, allowing them to decide how they really want to show up in the world. 

Her books include: The Healing of the Masculine and Feminine: How to Truly Change the World From the Inside, Out; Holding Space: A Guide to Supporting Others While Remembering to Take Care of Yourself First; Life Salad: Everyday Keys to Finding and Living Your Inner Truth; How to Love: When the World’s Gone Crazy; How to Tune In to Your Intuition.

Amanda excels at meeting each person where they are at, holding them safe, and showing them where their true brilliance lies.  She is passionate about helping others uncover their true inner selves so that all have a chance to give their unique gifts in a world that works for everyone. Her belief is that when everyone on the planet loves themselves and can express their true gifts with passion and authenticity, we will all thrive.

Dr. Angela Grace

 Dr. Angela Grace is a Ph.D., Registered Psychologist, Shamanic Practitioner, Internationally Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher, and Certified Autoimmune Paleo Coach who specializes in women’s health and well-being.

Her mission is to inspire women to mindfully and passionately care for their body, mind, spirit, relationships, and the earth with loving kindness. She is passionate about the prevention and treatment of eating disorders and body image issues in youth, holistic and body-centered approaches to counseling, and social justice.

Angela enjoys the outdoors, yoga, dance, making pottery, awesome boots, and hanging out with her family & rescue pit-bull.

Erin Reeder

Erin Reeder is a college history professor, mom to 4 girls (all born in under 5 years) and founder of The Incremental Mama where she provides encouragement and practical solutions for moms to conquer overwhelm and create more order, balance, and happiness in their lives and homes.

Erin offers women routines and hacks to simplify life and create a space for peace and wellness. She’s obsessed with helping overwhelmed moms organize their lives and homes so they can make time for themselves and enjoy the people they love.

She encourages women on the crazy journey of motherhood because she knows exactly how overwhelming being a mom can feel.


Chuck and Laraine Chamberlain

Chuck and Laraine Chamberlain recently authored the book, Threads of Resilience: How to Have Joy in a Turbulent World and have created an online resource for emotional resilience called “Get a Grip! Mental Health Courses.” Both are certified in Creative Journal Expressive Arts, a method developed by Dr. Lucia Capacchione PhD, ATR, REAT and sit on the advisory board of the CJEA Institute. For the past three years they have taught at China Foreign Affairs University in Beijing, which is a unique university devoted to producing China’s future diplomats.

Over the last 15 years, they have worked with individuals, couples, and organizations. Included in their clientele are: an adoption agency, a court-mandated anger management agency, women’s organizations and retreats, an international non-profit organization supporting mothers, a national telecommunications company and a banking and insurance regulatory organization in China.

They have been married for 43 years, have raised six children, and now enjoy their 16 grandchildren. Having to deal with issues of abuse, Chuck and Laraine decided to work together to promote healing and emotional well-being. As a consequence, Chuck left his corporate executive position to work with Laraine.

They enjoy international travel, hiking, pickleball, and watching college sports.