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Impact-Driven High Profile Individuals
Who Were
Children Of The Wounded
To Usher In A New Era Of
Highly Conscious and Resilient Relationships.

[CHILDREN OF THE WOUNDED: precious souls with inherent Divine worth born to parents who did the best they could given their level of functioning, however, because of their own woundings/constraints could not see their child’s value/worth, did not have the strength to end damaging transgenerational

patterns, or did not know how to be emotionally accessible and

safe enough for their child(ren).]

Wounds of our hearts are the portals to . . .
our soul's wisdom and distinct spiritual gifts,
true liberation resulting in profound internal peace,
the purest essence of love, and
the power to create intoxicatingly deep and resilient relationships.
Actively choosing the path of . . .
Transmuting our pain into expansion
through our intimate relationships is how we will remember who we truly are and unify our homes, businesses, communities,
and our world.
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If you are an Impact-Driven High Profile individual who . . .

  • Is intrinsically committed to creating an absolute difference in this world that will directly benefit the next generation,

  • Has at some point experienced feeling broken or even shattered,

  • Is ready to own your capacity to create deep internal peace, and

  • Is committed to becoming even more successful in your private life than you already are professionally,

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And right now you are . . .

  • In (or stepping into) a position of incredible power and influence, and you are devoted to embodying the difference you want to create in the world

  • Needing to heal from a heart-break or traumatic experience and time is of the essence because your family/business/brand/nation relies on you

  • Committed to repairing an important relationship that is currently strained

  • Healing from the end or loss of a primary relationship, and are re-discovering yourself

  • Ready to love again, and determined to avoid previous unhealthy relationship patterns

  • Getting married and committed to making it transcendent

  • Married and desiring to repair, deepen, or transform your relationship

. . . Now is the Time to Discover


Why You?

YOU intimately know suffering and endurance, which means

YOU will be able to relate to those suffering and reach into depths others cannot.  


YOU transmuted pain into fuel to get where you are because for YOU it was not an option to quit moving forward or to fail.


YOU are intrinsically driven to make a difference in our world, and YOU have the blessing and opportunity to impact millions of lives


YOU have hidden within you a knowing of how to heal in the world what YOU suffered from, which is only accessible through the pain of your experiences.


YOU were wounded in relationships starting in your innocence, and NOW YOU will usher into our world a new level of what is possible in relationships.


YOU do not need to just suffer or endure anymore, and as YOU discover deep internal peace and transcendent love . . . it will ripple into the world through YOU. 


Your higher nature and leadership is what the world needs RIGHT NOW.

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Why Now?

If you choose it . . . You can have an important role in transmuting the disconnection in the world into unity.


Right now our homes, businesses, communities, and world are immersed in 

social and political divisiveness caused by disconnection. Individually and collectively we are numbed out, disconnected, distracted, and we have forgotten who we are.


Our human conditioning, emotional pain, and trauma has caused us to fragment from who we are at a soul level leaving a deep feeling of loneliness and searching for connection, safety, belonging, validation, fulfillment, peace, purpose, and love outside ourselves.





When we are numbed out, distracted, addicted, too busy, and immersed in our drama, we do not have

the eyes to see what others are going through or their needs,

the ears to hear what they may not even know how to express, 

the heart to feel with them through being purely present,

or the connection to our light/strength/power/healing/Divinity to reconnect them to theirs.

Right now the youth of our time are attacked on all sides, and they are being robbed of their innocence. 


Millions of babies/children/teens are betrayed, abused, neglected, violated, and even trafficked by those they should be able to trust, and they don’t know where to turn for help. They no longer trust us to be able to help them because collectively we have failed them. Right now, there is an entire generation that has become Children Of The Wounded.


It is our responsibility as adults and leaders to rise to our higher nature to heal the division within ourselves and in the world for the next generation, and to use our influence to create a more profound impact in the world NOW.

Why is our greatest transformation and most potent impact unlocked through our intimate relationships?

Our intimate relationships provide our greatest challenges and opportunities to embrace expansion.


They are the most direct path to a remembrance of our Divinity, as they are our greatest mirrors to what is happening within us.


To repair this world, we must start within ourselves harmonizing the polarities within us and in our intimate relationships. . .


. . . Becoming the flames that will ignite the light within others throughout the world.

Transforming your intimate relationships as you
expand your consciousness will:

Shed unhealthy relationship patterns you have been trapped in as you discover safety within- no longer needing walls to protect your heart, or looking for relationships to fill a void, emptiness, loneliness, give you a purpose, or to rescue you.

Teach you how to turn the fire of adversity into a refiner’s fire revealing purpose in your suffering. 

Liberate you from the shackles caused by the pain of your past resulting in a new level of personal ownership of your life.

Melt the ice around your heart, allowing you to feel again- the highs that are inaccessible while numbed out, and the lows in a way that allows you to be expanded by the emotion rather than being a victim to it. 

Awaken your passion and deeper sense of purpose to your life.

Unlock your unique spiritual gifts and therefore catalyze your ability to deepen your intentional and distinct impact on the world.

Remind  you of the light/strength/power/healing/Divinity within you, and magnify your ability to connect to Higher Powers.

Ingrain in you an ability to deeply see what others cannot or do not want to see: the pain in others, without the fear of not knowing how to help.

Endow you with a sacred ability to deeply empathize with others- being able to meet them in their suffering and feel with them (without being triggered or swept away in your own pain) in a way that your presence honors the purpose of their suffering and becomes a mirror to their greatness- intrinsically reminding them who they truly are. 

Empower you with the ability to become powerfully and intentionally present for others in a way that leaves them feeling deeply seen, understood, and valued by you. 

Cause you to embrace expansion-valuing differences in others as essential for personal growth, and move from reactivity due to human nature to intentionality. 

Transform your leadership as you harness the power of getting outside of your own perspective and into that of another’s to find the value in a differing viewpoint, choose to be expanded by it, and develop the ability to co-create solutions that would have not otherwise been possible.

What creates pure fulfillment in our personal lives also expands what becomes possible in our work as we transform the space we come from in relationships.

Here is often the ignored truth:

Our human default setting (human nature + nurture)
causes disconnection and division, and will prevent us from having deeply fulfilling relationships unless we
override this default setting.

When we remember who we truly are (our Divine Nature/True Self) and transform our default setting ... 


We shed the conditioning and dis-empowering impact from our experiences and connect to the light/strength/power/healing/Divinity within us.


We then see and relate to the world differently, and our ability to show up and truly be present for others in powerful ways shifts dramatically.


To deeply connect to others, we must be connected to our

True Selves. 


To see the light and value in others, we must know the light and value within ourselves.

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What we crave most . . .

Connection. Love. Fulfillment. Validation. Being Deeply Seen. Knowing Our Worth and Value. Purpose. Passion. Peace. Safety. Freedom. Power.

. . . starts within.

We will experience deep internal peace and the power to love resiliently not from trying to heal our human hearts, rather in SURRENDERING to allow the human heart to completely break, to shatter, to melt away through the refiner’s fire.

For our higher nature to emerge.

We are not just human. Within each of us is a

Divine intelligence with an unbreakable superabundant heart.

This is who we truly are.


Being present in relationships connected to this part of ourselves gives us 

the power to love resiliently.

Do you feel the invitation from deep within to discover who YOU truly are at a soul level? Has this invitation caused a stirring within you along with newfound courage to more deeply turn inwards to discover the wisdom and release the suffering from your past? To elevate your intimate relationships as you expand your consciousness?


Your higher nature knows true liberation requires surrendering to feeling and exploring the fires of your emotional pain, allowing the pain to expand and refine you, and then letting it go.


Your higher nature knows releasing the woundings of your heart 

is also the key to breaking painful relationship patterns and finally finding safety and resilience within yourself so you can allow others to get close to and know the true you.

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The deeper you go within, the greater your liberation and contribution to the world.

" We were on the verge of divorce after 7 years married. We had all but given up hope and Carie was our last chance.

There were many problems which stemmed from the effects of addiction such as dishonesty and inability to communicate effectively. She helped us to accept the past and deal with the feelings and emotions from it while simultaneously learning how to communicate with each other. From this we were able to start building a solid foundation on trust and begin clearing away the wreckage of the past. 


Her strength was the guiding force that helped us figure out ourselves individually and together. The biggest thing she helped us realize is that we could be whoever we want to be each and every day. We did not have to live in the past. From this we learned trust like we had never had. After trust was built we decided to have another child. It has been an absolute blessing for our entire family. 


We have this amazing life today which is free of addiction and full of joy. Now here we are at 13 years with three beautiful kids, an incredible marriage full of adventure, and truly best friends. Even today when we talk about our experience we refer to Carie as a guardian angel. When we are asked how we have such a healthy relationship we never hesitate to give her credit for helping us get to where we are.” - K.R.

What Clients Say


Why Me?

I have been Divinely prepared and called forward at this time in history to support world-changers like you to reconnect with your Divine nature and gifts through your intimate relationships.


Welcome to the tipping point of all transformational processes, where you will experience a quantum leap in personal and relational expansion and co-creative abilities that will ripple into every aspect of your life


This journey is for you ONLY IF you are courageous enough to explore the depths of your human experience, and you are committed enough to transcend your default human condition to reclaim your Divinity.


This is the noblest service we can offer to humanity. My offers are bespoke, and my client’s identities are classified. 


Should we choose to work together, my role will not be as your therapist, nor as your coach, and your guide is within you. My relationship with you becomes a

co-creative partnership. I will journey with you into the depths of your suffering to witness the wisdom that emerges from your soul as you liberate yourself.


I will discover alongside you the powerfully reparative and connective ripple effect that will flow into your relationships, then out into the world through 

your intentional presence.


Let's Do This.


Personal Expansion

Deep Internal Peace

The journey back home to ourselves to remember who we are at a soul level is the noblest and most courageous endeavor we will ever undertake. 


Healing our own wounding and self-abandonment is our highest responsibility as adults.


Self-discovery is ongoing, however, healing fragmentation does not have to take years. When Divinely guided,

Fragmentations can be healed within hours.



My transformative gifts are in the following domains:

Relational Expansion

The Gift of Pure Presence


We can redefine what is possible in relationships through intentional and pure presence,

choose to value and embrace differing views, and

open ourselves to being expanded by another human being.  


Fortunately, this is a skill-set that can be learned, and

there is a proven proprietary step-by-step process that simplifies the path to relational expansion resulting in 

the true embodiment of this higher way to be in

relationship with another human being. 


Harmonizing Polarities to Create a State of 
Equilibrium and Unity


From being deeply grounded in our True Selves, we can harness the power of intentional presence and expansion to partner intellect with intuition and co-create inspired solutions