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Who Is Carie Bailey? 

I know intimately what it feels like to have a childhood so dark and painful that I wished I was never born . . . wishing for the floor I was laying on to open up and swallow me.


While smiling to please others and hide my pain, emotionally I retreated inward creating an entire inner world I believed was the only thing I had that couldn't be taken away or harmed.


Until, in adulthood, I learned what it felt like to want to crawl out of my own skin after being violated by someone I thought I could trust.


I again experienced a longing for life to end . . . for the pain to stop.

I believed in "Happily Ever After", and thought happiness would come from marriage and motherhood.

I finally had the life of my dreams with the handsome and kind husband, the beautiful and healthy children, the custom house, dream job . . . yet . . . the only emotion I could feel was deep loneliness. 


Connecting To The Light

Through The Darkness

I believed that the more distance I created from my upbringing or other challenging times, the "stronger" or more "over it" I was.

The truth was, however, that this only resulted in a life numbed out, and unable to feel the one thing I craved my entire life . . . LOVE.

It was not until I was willing to turn inwards to lean into the fire of my emotional pain and mine through it that I discovered priceless wisdom, true personal liberation, and deep compassion.

In my exploration, I also discovered that in these moments when my human heart was shattering, and my body was aching, there was a part of me that somehow seemed unbreakable . . . that knew exactly what I needed to do if I was still enough to hear it.

It was a calm in the storm . . . an inner knowing . . . a light that even if dim could penetrate the intense darkness that was growing inside of me each time I was abused. 

Pain to Purpose

I passionately believe in the intrinsic Divine worth of every soul, and our ability to transmute pain, suffering, and darkness into liberation, expansion, and the purest essence of love and light.


I have dedicated my life to discovering how we each can activate our ability to do this for ourselves and others so we can create an intentional ripple effect . . . starting with those closest to us.

I have invested over 24 years in studying relationships, psychology, trauma, resiliency, spirituality, and integrative health and wellness.


I have had the sacred honor of being invited into the deepest internal spaces of people from all over the world, and have been truly blessed to witness these private heroic journeys. 

I have chosen to no longer work in the mental health system, but have a Master’s Degree and license in Marriage and Family Therapy along with other specialized training.

I am also the Founder and CEO of C4K INC, a boutique executive consulting company.


Called To This Journey
With You Now

I Have Been . . . 


At This Moment In History To:

Support those of you who are committed to creating intentional multi-generational and/or global impact


To reconnect with your Divine nature and gifts through your intimate relationships.


If you are entering into my world . . .


Welcome to the tipping point of all transformational processes.


You will experience a quantum leap in

personal and relational expansion and co-creative abilities that will

ripple into every aspect of your life. 


This journey is for you ONLY IF you are . . .

Courageous enough to explore the depths of your human experience, and you are . . .

Committed enough to transcend your default human condition to

reclaim your Divinity.


This is the noblest service we can offer to

those we love, and humanity.

My Why

Right now the youth of our time are attacked on all sides, and



Millions of babies, children, and teens are being

betrayed, abused, neglected, violated, and even trafficked

by those they should be able to trust, and

they don’t know where to turn for help.


They no longer trust us adults to be able to help them because




To every precious and tender soul who has or is currently in the torturous experience of having your innocence stolen from you . . . 


I am mindful of you. I commit to you that

I will NEVER STOP working to provide a way for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU

to be found, removed from this hell,

restored, and for trafficking and abuse to be healed from our world. 

I promise you . . . you absolutely can feel WHOLE AGAIN. 

You are a precious soul with IMMESUARABLE  DIVINE WORTH.

This can never be taken from you because . . . 

This is who you truly are. 


I am committed to helping you on your personal healing journey by

linking arms with other inspired and gifted souls who feel called to this work to

elevate the standard of aftercare so that this level of healing and REMEMBERING

will be available globally to all those who choose it.

"Once you have explored and been
refined by the fires of your darkest moments,
you are left with a heightened desire to help others who have been similarly impacted.

You emerge with a  
powerful ability to harness those experiences and channel your passion to make a profound difference in the lives of others."

The Deeper You Go Within, The Greater Your                              And Contribution To The World.


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