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Carie Bailey is ushering in a new level of consciousness and functioning through relationships by disrupting the "Human Default Setting" that causes disconnection to cause a collective remembering of who we truly are and fundamentally transform how we show up in our relationships with others. 


Carie works privately with global change-makers and Legacy Creators who are deeply committed to becoming the highest version of themselves to magnify their intentional impact in the world. 


With over 24 years studying both Eastern and Western modalities in the fields of relationships, psychology, healing attachment wounds and trauma, and integrative health and wellness, Carie discovered how to partner intellect with inspiration and experienced quantum leaps in what became possible in her own life and through her work.


Carie passionately believes in the intrinsic Divine worth of every soul, and our ability to transmute pain, suffering, and darkness into liberation, expansion, and the purest essence of love and light. She has been fortunate in her life to personally walk this journey and to now have the great blessing of working with everyday heroes who deeply expand her.


Although she has chosen to no longer work in the mental health system, Carie has a Master’s Degree and license in Marriage and Family Therapy with specialized training in trauma, attachment, and Integrative Mental Health, and was inducted into the International Marriage and Family Therapy Honor Society. 


Carie is the Founder and CEO of C4K INC (a boutique consulting company partnering with impact-driven Legacy Creators to amplify their ability to create unity and catalyze innovation through a return to their higher nature), and is a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success. 

Once you have explored and been refined by the fires of your darkest moments, you are left with a heightened desire to help others who have been similarly impacted. You emerge with a powerful ability to harness those experiences and channel your passion to make a profound difference in the lives of others."


Personally, I am committed to eradicating child sex and human trafficking and strengthening family relationships so that every child and teen can be safe and nurtured.


My Commitment: To every precious and tender soul who has or is currently in the torturous experience of having your innocence forcibly and violently stolen from you . . . 


I am mindful of you and commit to providing a way for every single one of you to be found, removed from this hell, restored, and for trafficking to be healed from our world. 


I promise you- you absolutely can feel whole again. 

You are a precious soul with immeasurable Divine worth.

This is who you truly are. 


Your inherent Divine worth can never be taken away from you, violated, or scarred. You will overcome this. Your pain will be replaced with a love so powerful it will irreversibly transform

our world.


I am committed to helping you on this journey by linking arms with other inspired and gifted souls who feel called to this work to elevate the standard of aftercare so that this level of healing and self-empowerment will be available globally to all those who choose it.

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