[FRAGMENTATION: the disconnection from our Divine essence that begins in childhood due to human conditioning, emotional pain, and trauma when we internalize and believe in negative external feedback.]

Personal Expansion

Deep Internal Peace

We are not just human. Within each of us is a
Divine Being.

The journey back home to ourselves to remember who we are at a soul level is the noblest and most courageous endeavor we will ever undertake. Healing our own woundings and self-abandonment is our highest responsibility as adults.


Self-discovery is on-going, however, healing fragmentations does not have to take years. When Divinely guided, Fragmentation can be healed within hours.

You have fragmentation to heal if you ...
  • Have been diagnosed with PTSD, Complex PTSD, anxiety, or depression

  • Only allow yourself to feel happiness or comfortable feelings, “stay positive”, and silver-line situations to avoid feeling uncomfortable feelings 

  • Look to external factors (wealth, fame, prestige, titles, accomplishments, appearances, other people’s perceptions) to determine your or other’s worth/value

  • Avoid or dislike being alone or in silence

  • Feel lonely even in a relationship or surrounded by friends

  • Filter how much of your internal world you share because it does not feel safe to let others see your vulnerability

  • Feel different and separate from others in a way that prevents you from feeling part of a community 

  • Have built walls or a fortress to protect your heart 

  • Have a hard time letting those you care about “in” deep enough to feel truly connected to them

  • Inherently distrust others and/or yourself

  • Crave deep and real connection while pushing those who get close away

  • Numb out emotionally, disconnect from your body and stay in your head, feel the need to stay busy, or use addictions to avoid, minimize, or numb emotional pain 

  • Are judgmental and intolerant of others - especially those who you view as different from yourself

  • Have surrounded yourself exclusively with people who agree with you and who are like you

  • Do not accept or embrace all of yourself- your uniqueness and imperfections

  • Feel the need to please others - believing it is your role to make others happy

  • Devalue, harm, or neglect human or animal life

  • Do not feel connected to a passion or sense of purpose

  • Seek to dominate or control life, yourself, or others 

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If we do not choose to voyage into the fires of our past to discover the wisdom only found in the pain, and release the wound,
The pain we do not want to face is oozing onto those we care about most, yet we are blind to it.
This is a byproduct of the Human Default Setting. Transcending fragmentation and shedding the Human Default Setting are essential processes for unfiltered access to

being led by our soul's wisdom.

Once we are connected to the Divinity within ourselves, we will recognize the Divinity in others.
As we choose to surrender to the discovery of our experiences, the human aspect of our heart
melts away in the refiner’s fire. 

Our hearts are expanded, refined, and purified, and  
the soul and hear unify and become one.

What if you no longer needed to avoid or numb out painful memories or emotions because in them you discovered compassion, empathy, and your greatest treasures of wisdom?

What if you no longer needed walls protecting your heart to feel safe because you created safety within?

What if the validation, fulfillment, connection, safety, trust, and love you have craved and searched for outside of yourself came from within?

What if you could trust yourself and live connected to the part within you that cannot break, and is not marred by your experiences- your inner knowing and source of personal strength and power?

What if you deeply knew who you were- not generally, but specifically knew the Divine gifts that are uniquely yours, and how to use them to benefit humanity?

What if you chose who to marry from this place of connectedness to your True Self rather than the default setting of subconsciously choosing someone who perpetuates a painful pattern, to fill a void or loneliness, to rescue, or to be rescued?

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You are a Divine Being with
immeasurable and inherent
divine worth. 
If you have not lived a life that honors
that in yourself or others, Start Now.

Other Services

Relational Expansion

The Gift of Pure Presence


We can redefine what is possible in relationships through intentional and pure presence,

choose to value and embrace differing views, and

open ourselves to being expanded by another human being.  


Fortunately, this is a skill-set that can be learned, and

there is a proven proprietary step-by-step process that simplifies the path to relational expansion resulting in 

the true embodiment of this higher way to be in

relationship with another human being. 


Harmonizing Polarities to Create a State of 
Equilibrium and Unity


From being deeply grounded in our True Selves, we can harness the power of intentional presence and expansion to partner intellect with intuition and co-create inspired solutions