“Valour is the absolute courage and love of seeing the divine reflection within the face of another, no matter how unpleasant that other may

appear to be.” -Richard Rudd

The Gift of Pure Presence

Relational Expansion

Every human soul is born with immeasurable inherent worth and value. We each have infinite potential, spiritual gifts, and purpose in our lives.

Our attachment wounds, conditioning from our childhood, and

neurological and biological wiring for survival will cause us to perceive anything/anyone different from us or our view of what is “right” as a threat, resulting in pushing one another away causing DISCONNECTION.

What if you knew how to discover the priceless wisdom within every soul surrounding you in your life regardless of how similar or dissimilar they are to you?

What if you knew how to listen to others in a way that caused you to get outside of your perspective to find the wisdom in a differing view and expanded your understanding?

What if you knew how to be powerfully present with another human being in a way that left them feeling deeply seen and valued and unlocked their creativity and access to the light/strength/power/healing/Divinity within themself?

What if you knew how to move through breakdowns in any relationship powerfully so that the challenge strengthened your connection?

What if in a committed relationship you and your partner knew how to be a safe place emotionally for each other?

What if when your partner told you they love you- you could feel it deeply because you knew they intimately saw and truly knew you?

What if the differences between you and your partner expanded one another and you powerfully co-created solutions that honored each of your perspectives?

What if your relationship did not have to end once it got uncomfortable/difficult/stale because you had the tools to lean into the discomfort, choose expansion, and re-invent your relationship?

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Thanks to neuroplasticity, and the ability to channel physiological responses, we can create new neural pathways, regulate our central nervous system, and assign new meanings to what is new, different, or unknown. 
Our Human Default Setting can be transformed, and a new skill-set can be developed which creates a shedding of our conditioning and

enables operating from a higher level of consciousness.
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We can redefine what is possible in relationships through intentional and pure presence, choose to value and embrace differing views, and open ourselves to being expanded by another
human being.

Fortunately, this is a skill-set that can be learned, and there is a proven proprietary step-by-step process that simplifies the path to relational expansion resulting in true embodiment of this higher way to be in relationship with another human being.

Other Services

Personal Expansion

Deep Internal Peace

The journey back home to ourselves to remember who we are at a soul level is the noblest and most courageous endeavor we will ever undertake. 


Healing our own wounding and self-abandonment is our highest responsibility as adults.


Self-discovery is ongoing, however, healing fragmentation does not have to take years. When Divinely guided,

Fragmentations can be healed within hours.


Harmonizing Polarities to Create a State of 
Equilibrium and Unity


From being deeply grounded in our True Selves, we can harness the power of intentional presence and expansion to partner intellect with intuition and co-create inspired solutions